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Jobs at Chotopia

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Current Openings
  • 1 OpeningModerator

    Chotopia welcomes players of all ages and from many different

    places around the world. We strive to provide a fun, interactive and safe 

    environment for these players. With our open world, we require a

    team entrusted to ensure Chotopia players are safe at all times.


    Moderators are the front line of defense in protecting our players.


    We require that applicants for this position we the following criteria:

    • You are at least 17 years of age.
    • Fluently understand English.
    • Capable of meeting deadlines.
    • Available to work at least 8 hours per week and keep a 
    • consistent schedule for working tasks.
    • Willing to work during peak playtime hours or during overnight shifts.
    • Adapt to a quickly changing working environment.
    • Have not been previously received disciplinary action on our network.
    • This position is currently open to residents of Canada, United States,
    • Mexico and Europe.